Transportation Engineering (300IGC029)

Basic Information

  • Course code number and name: 300IGC029, Transportation engineering.
  • Credits and contact hours: 2 credits, 3 hours per week.
  • Course coordinator: Ciro Jaramillo.
  • Type of course: Selected Elective.

Text book

  • An introduction to Transportation Engineering, Second Edition, W. W. Hay, 1997.

Supplemental materials

  • Introduction to Transportation Engineering, Second Edition, J. H. Banks, 2002.
  • Transport: An Integrated Approach, R. Izquierdo,1994.
  • Transport and Territory, T. Ruiz, 1998.
  • Methodological Guide for the Study of Regional Transportation Systems, Mexican Institute of Transport. 1991.
  • Planning and design manual for transportation management in Bogotá., Cal y Mayor Assoc., 2005

Specific course information

The principal elements of different transportation systems of a country are presented. From this integral transportation system and the identification of the different transportation modes, students will be able to make simple assessments of each of them, according to mobility and distribution needs.

Specific goals of the course

Learning objectives:
  • To identify the principal transportation elements and operations and recognize their impact on the economic and social system of a country.
  • To identify and apply the main techniques used in planning, operation and management of transportation, determining the importance of demand estimation.
  • To identify the particularities of the different transportation modes and their technological and operational characteristics.
  • To recognize the mathematical structures used in the construction and operation of demand models for urban and regional transportation planning process.
Relationship with student outcomes
Student Outcomes
Relevance 2 3 2 2 2 2

1: low relevance; 2: medium relevance; 3: high relevance.

Topics of the course

  • Definition of transportation.
  • Structure, definition, importance and transport problematic.
  • Transportation supply and demand.
  • Transportation modes.
  • Transportation planning and management.
  • Evaluation of transportation systems.
  • Trip distribution models.
  • Metropolitan transportation.
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