Integration and Programming Technologies (300IGI008)

Basic Information

  • Course code number and name: 300IGI008, Integration and Programming Technologies.
  • Credits and contact hours: 3 credit hours, 3 hours per week.
  • Course coordinator: Carlos Alberto Olarte.
  • Type of course: Selected Elective.

Text book

  • Tools to Implement a Quality Management System based on the Family of ISO Standards 9000, 3rd Eidtion, CYGA Corporation, Icontec, 2009.

Supplemental materials

  • Colombian Technical Standard NTC-ISO 9001:2008, 2008.
  • Decree 677, Ministry of Health, 1995.Decree 60, Ministry of Health, 2002.
  • ERP, A-Z Implementers Guide for Success, T. Andereg, 2000.
  • ERP, Tools, Techniques and Applications for Integration of the Supply Chain, C. Ptak, E. Schragenheim, 2003.
  • Enterprise Resource Planing System, System Life Cycle, Electronic Commerce and Risk, D. O’Leary, 2000.

Specific course information

The objective of this course is to train students in the knowledge and interpretation of the requirements posed by the ISO Standard 9001:2008 for them to be able to participate in the implementation of quality management systems

Specific goals of the course

Learning objectives:
  • To describe how the technologies of information and communication are used to integrate the chain of value and the supply chain in organizations.
  • To analyze the requirements of the ISO Standard 9001:2008, the Colombian Award to Management Quality, the Resolution 2674/2013, the Decree 60/2002, the EFQM parameter and the Standard BASC.
  • To apply the course contents to the everyday personal, familiar, academic, labor and social contexts.
  • To use information in the implementation of management systems.
  • To describe the implementation of ERP systems in organizations, their main characteristics and how they help integrate the chain of value.
  • To explain the evolution from the Back Office process to the Front Office processes, such as the Client Relations Management and the Supply Chain Management systems.
  • To apply the concepts of Data Warehouses, Data Mining and Business Intelligence.
  • To use the software tools related to the course topics.
Relationship with student outcomes
Student Outcomes
Relevance 2 2 2 2 3 2 3 2

1: low relevance; 2: medium relevance; 3: high relevance.

Topics of the course

  • Quality Management Systems: the family of the ISO 9000 Standards.
  • Models of quality management: the Colombian Award to Management Quality, the EFQM model, international quality awards.
  • Safety management. Good manufacturing practices, analysis of hazardous and critical control points.
  • Global safety standard applied to the international commerce logistic chain, the standard Basc.
  • Introduction to the integrated information systems.
  • Front Office systems: ERP, CRM, VMI, SCM, CPFR.
  • Augmented reality.
  • Data warehouses.
  • Business intelligence systems.
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