Foundation Design (300IGC034)

Basic Information

  • Course code number and name: 300IGC034, Foundation Design.
  • Credits and contact hours: : 2 credits, 3 hours per week.
  • Course coordinator: Diego Darío Pérez.
  • Type of course: Selected Elective.

Text book

  • Principles of Foundation Engineering, 5th Edition, B. Das, 2004.

Supplemental materials

  • Bearing Capacity of Soils, EM 1110-1-1905, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1992.
  • Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual. Fourth Edition. Canadian Geotechnical Society, Technical Committee on Foundations, 2007.
  • Checklist and Guidelines for Review of Geotechnical Reports and Preliminary Plans and Specifications, Publication No. FHWA ED-88-053, 2003.
  • Design of Pile Foundations, EM 1110-2-2906, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1991.
  • Settlement Analysis. EM 1110-1-1902, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1990.

Specific course information

The objective of the course is to develop the ability to analyze various foundation alternatives for diverse Civil Engineering projects, and select the optimal one from geotechnical, structural and economic considerations.

Specific goals of the course

Learning objectives:
  • To analyze and design foundations in engineering projects.
  • To use computational tools for the analysis and design of foundations.
  • To identify failure and performance criteria of foundation systems, by using the concept of failure probability.
  • To identify the structural behavior and design principles of shallow and deep foundations.
  • To apply the foundation design standards of the Colombian code NSR-10.
Relationship with student outcomes
Student Outcomes
Relevance 2 2 3 3 2 2 2

1: low relevance; 2: medium relevance; 3: high relevance.

Topics of the course

  • Primary classification of foundations.
  • Ultimate bearing capacity, general concept and failure modes.
  • Bearing capacity modification by the groundwater level, general bearing capacity equation. Shape and depth factors. Load inclination factor.
  • Special cases of bearing capacity, layered soils, foundations on slopes.
  • Bearing capacity of partially saturated soils.
  • Soil stresses. Numerical methods computation (Finite Element).
  • Bearing capacity under earthquake and settlements in granular soils.
  • Consolidation settlements.
  • Structural design of shallow foundations. Spread and combined footings. Strap footings.
  • Bearing capacity for combined footings and mat foundations.
  • Approaches to the structural design of mat foundations.
  • Piles. End bearing equations.
  • Elastic Settlements of piles. Laterally loaded piles.
  • Drilled-shaft foundations. Types and construction procedures. Load transfer. Estimation of bearing capacity.
  • Organization and schedule tasks in working groups. Soil profile.
  • Technical report writing and socialization of troubles.
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