Engineering and Sustainability (300AQM003)

Basic Information

  • Course code number and name: 300AQM003, Engineering and Sustainability.
  • Credits and contact hours: 3 credit hours, 3 hours per week.
  • Course coordinator: Germán Restrepo.
  • Type of course: Selected elective.

Text book

  • Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Development, T.E.H. Graedel, B.R. Allenby, 2009.

Supplemental materials

  • Cleaner Production, Paradigm of Environmental Management, B. van Hoof, N. Monroy, A. Saer. 2008.
  • Life Cycle Management: A Business Guide to Sustainability, United Nations Environmental Program, 2007
  • Cleaner Production, Energy Efficiency Manual, United Nations Environmental Program, 2004.
  • Design for Sustainability: A Practical Approach for Developing Economies, United Nations Environmental Program, 2007.

Specific course information

The objective of this course is to highlight the importance of environmental considerations in the context of sustainable development with attention to the social and environmental impacts derived from productive operations at local, regional and global scales. The concepts of industrial ecology, lifecycle of processes and products, eco-design, cleaner production and the calculation of carbon footprint are discussed.

Specific goals of the course

Learning objectives:
  • To identify principles of sustainable development enunciated by the United Nations.
  • To identify and apply the tools that guide corporations towards social and environmental sustainability.
  • To select and apply alternatives to reduce the consumption of natural resources and raw materials in production processes, to improve energy efficiency, to prevent and minimize pollutant loads and to mitigate impacts upon communities and ecosystems.
  • To calculate the carbon footprint of a process.
  • To identify strategies to promote regional environmental and social sustainability.
Relationship with student outcomes
Student Outcomes
Relevance 2 2 3 2 3 3

1: low relevance; 2: medium relevance; 3: high relevance.

Topics of the course

  • The context of sustainability. Social and environmental impacts related to economic growth and demographics.
  • Environmental control systems. Command and control methods. Social and environmental management in the context of sustainable development.
  • Environmental management and cleaner production.
  • Legal, economic and technological instruments of environmental management.
  • Methodologies of lifecycle analysis and carbon footprint calculation.
  • Strategies to minimize environmental impacts.
  • Guides for the formulation of corporate environmental policies.
  • Environmental strategies in small businesses.
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