Construction Techniques (300IGC006)

Basic Information

  • Course code number and name: 300IGC006, Construction Techniques.
  • Credits and contact hours: 3 credits, 4 hours per week.
  • Course coordinator: Juan Carlos Garcia
  • Type of course: Required.

Text book

  • Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook, 2nd Edition, E. G. Nawy (Editor), 2008.

Supplemental materials

  • NSR-10, Colombian Code for Earthquake-Resistant Construction, AIS, 2010.
  • ACI Detailing Manual, ACI Publication SP-66, American Concrete Institute, ACI, Committee 315, 1994.
  • Notes on ACI 318-02, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete, D. A. Fanella, B. G. Rabbat, 2002.

Specific course information

The course presents the fundamentals of construction engineering and develops the associated skills. The course emphases are: construction processes, field engineering, quality control, safety, efficiency and risk management, and practical application of modern techniques of construction. Topics on efficient and viable designs are also studied.

Specific goals of the course

Learning objectives:
  • To identify the processes and organization of the construction industry.
  • To demonstrate the abilities to conduct construction processes.
  • To identify and select construction equipment.
  • To demonstrate communication skills and teamwork.
  • To demonstrate a sense of professionalism and promote ethical practices.
Relationship with student outcomes
Student Outcomes
Relevance 2 1 3 2 3 2 1

1: low relevance; 2: medium relevance; 3: high relevance.

Topics of the course

  • Construction projects.
  • Basic designs.
  • Land surveying.
  • Distribution of temporary facilities on site.
  • Excavations.
  • Location and measurements on site.
  • Soil study.
  • Construction of foundations.
  • Constrution of columns.
  • Construction of beams.
  • Construction of slabs.
  • Construction of retaining walls.
  • Construction of steel structures.
  • Construction of bearing walls.
  • Electrical and hydraulic systems.
  • Waterproofing.
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